Brotherman bill

William Davis Parker

"All love for the Brotherman, no love for the other man"

William Davis Parker, better known as The Brotherman Bill, is a multimedia artist and entertainer. With a BFA in Art direction/communications design, awarded by the PRATT Institute of art and design, Bill is taking the creative world by storm.  A cartoonist, a standup, a broadcaster, a designer, an illustrator, a writer, and even a rapper, no medium is safe from the Brotherman.  Currently Bill is serving as the host of Our Founding Liars, a conspiracy theory parody blog, as well as producing his first album under the persona Cass0nva de Generate.  This website serves as a platform for his projects as well as his pseudo intellectual ramblings.  Have fun.

Join "The Host" as he manages to turn the mundane into the weird as he analyzes the world he's in and the many conspiracies within.   A parody conspiracy theory blog with a new video every week.

"Our Founding Liars is a project designed to open the minds of the closed.   I don't claim to have answers, I just ask questions.  Keep asking questions."

                       -The Host

Wes Scantin of Puddle of Mud is being silenced from the higher ups.  How?  OFL is on the case.

The art of the Brotherman Bill