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Brotherman bill

William Davis Parker

"All love for the Brotherman, no love for the other man"

William Davis Parker, better known as The Brotherman Bill, is a multimedia artist and entertainer. With a BFA in Art direction/communications design, awarded by the PRATT Institute of art and design, Bill is taking the creative world by storm.  A cartoonist, a standup, a broadcaster, a designer, an illustrator, a writer, and even a rapper, no medium is safe from the Brotherman.  Currently Bill is serving as the host of Our Founding Liars, a conspiracy theory parody blog, as well as producing his first album under the persona Cass0nva de Generate.  This website serves as a platform for his projects as well as his pseudo intellectual ramblings.  Have fun.

 Cass accompanied by producer Saint Nobody  

Cass accompanied by producer Saint Nobody  


A mic in one hand, a can of fruit punch four loko in the other, and your girlfriend in the front seat of his car.  He is Cass0nva de Generate.  A rapper whose sole purpose is to deliver the message of ignorance and fun.   A music act that opposes overly preaching MC's while maintaining a production and skilled craft that rivals that of any top 40 rapper.  Oh, and he time traveled from the year 1773 and rocks a powdered wig.   

 Labeling Cass0nva de Genereate is a tough task.  He has been compared to the likes of Kool Kieth and Sticky Fingaz, to that of Tony Clifton, GWAR, ilovemakonnen and Wild Man Fisher.  So, a wide range to say the least.  Cass'sPR team would describe him as anexperimental hip hop actwith slight noise rock influences,  but Cass0nva would just say he's strictly fun.   Between the high production of his music and the subject matter with in, Cass blendsreality and humor for a confusingly fun experience.  On top of the music, hehas gained notoriety and dedicated fans through his comedic blogging and spontaneous freestyles on instagram.   Half of Mr. DG is his personality and engagement with fans.

Cass0nva de Generate is a conflicted character of sorts.  On one hand he is evidently a villain of hip hop, with his self declarations on stealing significant others from seemingly innocent men and fighting anyone that gets in his way.   But it is clear Cassy D.G views himself as a hero, with only the woman's interest in mind.  Unlike other rappers Cass does not see his lyrics as objectifying women, but rather obstacfying men, meaning he see's all men as obstacles.   He is liberating the women from the cruel hands of men he deems as "f*ckboys." but what  Cass fails to realize is that he is a f*ckboy himself (this is the defintion of f*ckboy that closely resembles Cass's  internal war )
 It does not occur to him the term B*tch is offensive, he see's it as the equivalent as one saying "Higher power" when referring to God.

Cass's right hand man and exclusive producer goes by the name Saint Nobody.   A mysterious man in a mask.  Unlike the obnoxious Cass0nva, the saint doesn't utter a word, providing an intriguing contrast between the two.  Not much is known about Saint Nobody's past, but what we do know is that he provides the world with god like instrumentals the world does not deserve.

Perhaps his change of voice in mid sentences represents his lack of self and spotlights his confusion on if he is a f*ckboy.  The unusual spelling of his name declares a sort of uncertainty on his sense of self and suggests a unique form of an identity crisis that's plauged Cass for who knows how long.   But if you ask Cass himselfhe will tell you he spells his name this way to "distinguish who the real fans are..  If they can google my name right and find me, they a true one."   Strangely, being from 1773 he seems to be up to speed with all of today's slang.   He claims to be from Venice, Italy and only waers an american colonial wig because he "bought the wrong wig."  His lyrics about obscene sexual escapades and bragadocious rhymes further reveal Cass most likey suffers from some form of narcism combined with a burned out brain from too much drugs and 4loko.

He "drinks 4loko to drown out his demons", a drink that is referenced in a significant amount of songs and serves as an important aspect of his music.   Cass has no idea that no one above the age of 18 drinks this and if he did he wouldn't care. 

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